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St. Theresa Parish invites you to explore our Catholic church community and ministries that serve Federal Way and Northeast Tacoma. view more    St. Theresa's includes a growing, active Hispanic community. view more   To learn more about St. Theresa's Parish, open the 2014-2015 Annual Report on Parish Ministries and Finances (PDF).





Summer Faith Formation

For Adults

Pray Like a Mystic

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"Pilgrimage may be thought of as extroverted mysticism, just as mysticism is introverted pilgrimage. The pilgrim physically traverses a mystical way, the mystic sets forth on interior pilgrimage." - Victor Turner, anthropologist and Catholic convert

  Come and join us for this opportunity to "pray like a mystic."


Monday, August 15, 

6-7 p.m.

in the Church

Apophatic prayer: prayer that is beyond sensory experience such as silent centering prayer. This form of prayer emerges from the apophatic tradition of mystics such as St. John of the Cross who penned the renowned spiritual classic, The Dark Night of the Soul.


 Questions? Contact Dawn Sample, Pastoral Assistant for Faith Formation at (253)838-5925, ext. 304.


For Children

Passport Faith Adventure


"God has written a precious book, 'whose letters are the multitude of created things present in the universe.'" - St. John Paul II, quoted in Pope Francis' Laudato Si


This summer, join us for some special faith adventures! Jesus loved to use examples from the natural world in his teachings and parables. We're going to follow that example, and we'll go out and explore God's beautiful creation. We'll connect what we learn to our faith! Do one adventure or all four!


Adventure #4: Nisqually Wildlife Refuge - Saturday, August 20, 10 a.m.

We will wrap up the Passport Faith Adventure program "where the river meets the sound," at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge. We will learn about this exciting environment. Different birds and animals call this place home at different parts of the year.


Jesus says to never worry because if God cares for the birds and flowers of the field, won't God care even more about us? What can we learn from this ecosystem about how God cares for these birds and animals? How does God care for us? We'll meet at St. Theresa's at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 20, and plan to be at the Refuge by 11 a.m.


Questions? Contact Dawn Sample, Pastoral Assistant for Faith Formation at (253)838-5925, ext. 304.



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