Before you can work with children, youth, or vulnerable adults, or handle money at St. Theresa Parish, you need to complete and be current with the Seattle Archdiocese's Safe Environment requirements. July 1 marks the beginning of a new year for Safe Environment compliance. To find out what forms apply to you, please contact Chelsea Bjorkman in the parish office (253) 838-5924 Ext. 309.


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New Volunteers

If you are new to volunteering in the Seattle Archdiocese, you create your volunteer profile using the VIRTUS program. For instructions, click to open Creating a VIRTUS Profile (PDF). For your profile, you will be asked to answer questions about your role as a volunteer. Based on your answers, you may be asked to complete a background check. You are also required to complete the Protecting God's Children class; you can register for classes online using VIRTUS.


Please also complete the Volunteer Agreement Form and the Safe Environment Policy form and return them to the parish office. More information on Training Requirements for Safe Environment can be found here:


Returning Volunteers

If you have volunteered at St. Theresa Parish in the past, please contact Chelsea Bjorkman in the parish office (253) 838-5924 to find out what specific requirements you need to complete before you are compliant and ready to volunteer again. All requirements must be met before volunteering. You can download the forms here and return them to the parish office.


Volunteer Worker Agreement Form - A new form must be completed by all volunteers every year.


Background Check - Every volunteer is required to complete a background check every three years.


Online Renewal Class - This class is required once every three years when the background check is due.

Safe Environment Requirements Form - This only needs to be filled out once. This is your acknowledgement of the safe environment policies and requirements.


Volunteer Driver Form - This form is required for all volunteers who will be driving children or youth as part of parish events. The completed form must be submitted with a copy of your driver's license and current insurance card. It must be completed for each event for which you will be driving.


Policy Acknowledge Form - This form acknowledges that you have received and reviewed the Seattle Archdiocese's Policies on Prevention of Abuse and Harassment. These policies can be read online at


Parent Permission Form for Minor Volunteers - All minors who are volunteering need to have a parental permission on file before volunteering. This needs to be completed every year. Your faith formation administrator can provide the form.


Questions? Contact Chelsea Bjorkman at the parish office: (253) 838-5924 Ext 309 or


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