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Goodbye Letter from Linda DeMarce


My Dear St. Theresa Parish Family,

I have spent the last 25 years getting to know you, work with you and serve you in any way I could. We have traveled a long journey together. It has been a joyful journey for me most of the time, with a few bumps in the road.  I have been quietly reflecting over the last few months since I sent my resignation letter to AB Etienne on how my life would be impacted upon retiring from a parish that I love with all of my heart.  I feel happy, relieved, but sad, lonely, and frightened. 

My heart is filled with gratitude to God for the life he has given me and for my 25 years of service to the Catholic Church. I am grateful to all of you who have helped and supported me, and given your love to me over the years.

There is one thing for which you can be certain. Please know that when my last day comes and is gone, I have not left you.  You will be in my thoughts and prayers, in my mind and heart for the rest of my life. 

I ask one thing in that you give Fr. Jay all of the support and love that I have felt all of these years.  Give him peace, love and joy.  Even when difficult decisions have to be made, support, guide and love him.  He and I have shared a wonderful three years together, and I could not have asked for a better partner in ministering to our parish.  He is a gifted, loving and compassionate priest and person. 

It has been my deep honor and privilege to know you and serve as your Pastoral Coordinator.  I will be away from the parish for some time in order to give Fr. Jay the space he needs to be the appointed leader of St. Theresa Parish. 

Remember always the love that I have for St. Theresa Parish, and for all of you that I have served over the years.  May God be with each of you always.

Your faithful servant,

Linda DeMarce