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Listening Phase 1 Complete

Synodal Journey

More than 100 people responded to the Parish Council's invitation to listen and be listened to! Our demographics varied, as did our experiences with the Catholic Church. Participants included people baptized Catholic at a very young age, and those baptized as adults. It included people who have only experienced St. Theresa’s as their parish, and those who have been part of many different parishes.

We asked you to consider what brought you joy, how do you experience your faith in community, what would you talk about if you could sit with Pope Francis, and what keeps you away from church. We sent a summary of what we heard to the Archdiocese, to be sent on to the Vatican. And we believe this phase is only complete because we’ve taken the step to send information on. WE’RE NOT DONE LISTENING, HEARING, EXPLORING, RESPONDING, LOVING! This journey of faith is a walk we take together, to see how we can love each other in our sameness, and through our differences.

In the next few weeks, the Pastoral Council will be working through some first responses to what we heard. Would you like to be part of that process? Please contact Mary Morrison at 253-318-0852, or Luoana Leyes, 425-256-0696,