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Share why church matters to you

Synodal Journey

What few words describe why church matters to you?

  • Unity with others 
  • Life purpose 
  • Traditions 
  • Family 
  • Community 
  • History 

These were some of the answers we heard in the Listening Sessions over the past few months. We have just about wrapped up the sessions, phase 1. BUT…we have one ask of you! Easter weekend through April 30 we are asking for your responses to three simple questions.

  • What do you want from church?
  • What, if anything, keeps you away?
  • How can your church be more for you?

As we answer Pope Francis’ call to journey together in creating a church, we begin by understanding what church means to each of us. That means the joys, the pains, the sorrows, the disappointments, the missed opportunities. We want to hear it all. And if you want to talk more about what you’ve written, share your contact information on the questionnaire. We’ll be in touch!

Use the insert to respond on paper, use St. Theresa’s website or the QR code to access an online survey. We really appreciate that you’ll take a few minutes to answer those three questions!

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