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Church Vandalism

From the Archdiocese of Seattle

After the discovery of unmarked graves of Native Americans at residential homes in Canada, our bishops responded with a statement expressing sorrow for Native Americans. The archdiocese is also reviewing its relationships with Native American tribes in our area.

While government and Church leaders quickly responded to the discovery of the unmarked graves, retaliation erupted at churches across Canada with dozens set on fire or vandalized. Sadly, we are writing to inform you that this vandalism isn’t unique to Canada. Here in the Archdiocese of Seattle we have had a series of incidents at several of our parishes that include public threats, protests, and property damage. The Bias Crimes Department has been alerted and is tracking these incidences.

Staff and volunteers should be vigilant for criminal behavior. They should call 911 if a person refuses to follow rules, refuses to leave when asked by a parish representative or is being aggressive on the parish property.

(Excerpted from August 12, 2021 letter to staff signed by Deacon Carl Chilo, Director of Multi-Cultural Ministry, and Ed Foster, Director of Property & Construction)