Faith in Action Ministries

St. Theresa's supports ministries to feed, clothe, and shelter those in need.

Food Bank

Each Sunday during Mass, St. Theresa's Parishioners offer food gifts for our Food Bank. The food is delivered to those in need through the St. Vincent de Paul Society. It is a joy to see our young children walking up to the offering basket each Sunday to offer food items, knowing they are learning early in life the joy of giving. Contact Patti White 253-437-6061.

Sandwich Program

The Sandwich program is currently on-hold due to coronavirus restrictions and cautions. Please refer to the weekly bulletin for current information. If the program resumes to pre-covid operations it will look like this:
Our Parish Sandwich program offers the hand of love in simple ways to many of the hungry and homeless in our community. Parishioners make sandwiches and drop them off at the church every Wednesday and Sunday. The sandwiches are delivered to the Nativity House, which provides day shelter, meals, worship services, community and personal assistance to the homeless. Each volunteer makes about twenty sandwiches once a month. Contact Laurie Fiorito 206-817-6327. 

Designs for Life

Gather with other crafty women at 1 PM in the afternoon every other week to knit, crochet, sew, and otherwise craft items to give as gifts. Conact Diane Kellar 253-874-0537.

Eucharist for the Sick

The faithful who are ill are often deprived of their rightful and accustomed place in the Eucharistic community. In bringing communion to those who cannot be present at Mass, the minister represents the Church and manifests faith and charity on behalf of the whole community. In this way the recipients may realize that they are united not only with the Lord's sacrifice but also with the community itself and are supported by the love of their brothers and sisters. 

Visits involve taking communion and offering companionship to those who are homebound or hospitalized. Your service is deeply appreciated and your rewards are boundless. Contact Bob Toohey at (253) 235-5871.

Grief Ministry

When a loved one passes, we all need a helping hand as we grieve and memorialize our loved one. Through St. Theresa's Grief Ministry you can assist St. Theresa's parishioners who request a funeral reception. Volunteers are available to serve on short notice. Contact Bernie Jacobs 253-927-2766.

Prayer Line

Quietly, anonymously - in homes, cars, offices, parks - our prayer community at St. Theresa's intercedes for those in need and hurting. The most powerful work is often done unknown to others. Contact Mary Schindler 253-952-8585 or email

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